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Same Day Delivery in Katy and Suburbs


    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Baked Goods

    This depends on how the person´s body is composed and the quantity of intake that person eats. But so far the cakes are made without sugar, flour or gluten. We recommend testing for ketosis since each one of us operates differently!

    We use almond, coconut flour or other seeds or nuts flour to substitute high carb flours. We don’t use sugar, honey, maple, nor coconut or sugar cane. We use erythritol, allulose and stevia instead, which are the types of sweeteners that don’t affect your blood sugar levels in moderate quantities.

    Gluten free yes, we do use a lot of dairy. NO SUGAR.


    1. FLAN

    2. CHEESE CAKE WITHOUT CRUST or with coconut crust.

    3. Coconut bread

    Up to two weeks in fridge and up to five months in the Freezer.

    Can be kept outside in a cooled area, do not leave in a hot environment, Keep up to 4 weeks In fridge & frozen for up to 6 months.

    We recommend to freeze our breads and defrost the slices you need gradually so the bread will last! We don't use preservatives so our bread have a two week shelf life out of thee freezer.


    Shipping & Delivery

    As soon as we ship your order, you will get a notification via email with the tracking number.

    Due to the nature of our products we do not ship outside the USA.

    We deliver from 12 noon to 4:30 pm, if the order is placed after 4:30 pm it will be delivered the next day after 12 noon

    Returns & Exchanges

    If you received a sub par order or you suspect there's something wrong please reach out to us so we can fix the issue and make you happy!

    We do not cancel orders once baked!


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